Artist Submissions

Artist showcase applications are now open on until April 15th, 2017. 

Showcase Application

Every year artists from different disciplines are invited to apply via I Want to Showcase, a multi-conference application system for artists. Artists are able to submit applications to showcase at Ontario Contact as well as other contact events in both Canada and the US.  

As an artist, I really appreciate the focus that Contact puts upon showcasing and giving us time to meet with agents and presenters. This is the main reason I attended and the main reason I will continue to attend.

- Victoria Yeh, Vector One Music 

Nearly 70% of Ontario Contact survey respondents said that at least 1 - 2 artists received bookings as a result of their participation; 14% said that it resulted in 3 to 6 artists and almost 10% indicated that 7 or more artists received bookings!

Generally Ontario Contact begins accepting submissions in mid-February with a final closing date mid-April. Showcase artists apply through A two-part process, the final deadline is April 15th. The jury meets in May and the showcase artists are posted late June.

Independent showcases are at the complete discretion and responsibility of the sponsoring artist or organization and are completely independent of Ontario Contact.


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