Daniel Clarke Bouchard

My musical journey so far has been amazing! I have just turned 16 and already, I have been able to perform at Carnegie Hall, and also to perform with orchestras such as the Montreal Symphony, with conductors such as Yannick Nezet-Séguin, and on television. I have recorded a solo album, Scenes D’Enfants (which won a Felix award). I have also traveled to many parts of the world. My life has been enriched by music and I give thanks for everything that it has brought into my life.  

Music is a form of communication to express our passions, our inner feelings to the audience.  I would love to travel all over Canada to share my passion for music. I would love to explore different places and get to know the culture and way of life across Canada. 

Piano prodigy Daniel Clarke Bouchard plays Schubert

Eoin Ó Catháin, Latitude 45 Arts
(514) 276-2694