Ensemble la Cigale

The cicada develops slowly, secretly, over a period of years before presenting itself in style with a song which everyone can hear and appreciate. In the well-known fable, the ants belittled the cicada for doing nothing but sharing its music. Perhaps they forgot how the cicada’s song lightened their labour and allowed them to dream, to rejoice, to love and also to weep. Montréal’s La Cigale takes its name from this most musical insect and hopes in turn to share its music with anyone who would like to listen.

The group juxtaposes formal and traditional styles and brings to light little known masterpieces. The musicians have been praised for the warmth of their performances and for the complicity they share with each other and their audiences.

O'Carolan - The Fairy Queen (noncerto 56.3 La Cigale) Classical Music Video

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