Greg Kennedy

Theorem is a playful exploration of the process of invention while looking into the plastic versus organic world through the eyes of six individual personalities. Greg takes the physical properties of the world around and uses them to create new forms of juggling manipulation. These unique pieces strive to get people to think about the process of invention. There are too many things in the world that people see, experience, or even operate, without any understanding of how they work.

In this abbreviated showcase, Greg will exemplify this tactile experience of natural materials: wood, steel, glass and cloth to give the audience a taste of this magnificent program through his original juggling-manipulation. In full production, Theorem includes Greg's largest structure pieces, original aerial acrobatic creations, 5-person object choreography, live music on piano and cello, and an interactive lobby installation.


Brynna Higgins, Office Manager
(267) 943-3656