Guy Mendilow Ensemble ~ Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom

Forgotten Kingdom is geared for audiences with no prior knowledge of Ladino cultures.

The production casts light on largely forgotten Sephardic communities in the Mediterranean and Balkans that were all but destroyed during WWII by recasting traditional songs and stories, sung in the endangered language, Ladino, in a series of vignettes that, together, tell a new wartime tale of courage, wry humour and loss. The intertwining music and storytelling conjure an imagi-nation lost to war and upheaval, recorded in a language that blends archaic Spanish with Arabic and Greek. By digging deep into gritty field recordings, GME brings tales to life, intertwining voices, percussion, and soulful playing to render songs with color, drama, and heart.

Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Micro-Documentary/EPK

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Guy Mendilow