Huu Bac Quintet

“Of Vietnamese origins, Huu Bac Quach masters a wide array of musical instruments, including the dan bau (single chord Vietnamese instrument), the erhu (Chinese fiddle), the quena (Peruvian flute) and the guitar. In concert, he presents his compositions which skillfully combines his Vietnamese and Chinese heritages to North-American jazz music.

In November 2013, he founded the Huu Bac Quintet, which has since toured in Quebec, Nova Scotia and BC, as well as garnered various awards : “RIDEAU/ROSEQ Award 2014”, “Entrées en Scène Loto-Québec 2015-16”, “Stingray Rising Stars Award 2015”. His first album as a composer/performer, “On the Steps of St-Paul’s”, will be released in 2016.”

Huu Bac Quintet - Promo video

Huu Bac Quach, Leader/Composer/Instrumentalist
(514) 500-0145