Xara Choral Theatre

Xara Choral Theatre is remaking the idea of the “choir.” Weaving together contemporary choral singing, movement, lighting, and spoken word, their breakthrough performances tell stories that are transformative for audiences and performers alike. Led by co-Artistic Directors Christina Murray and Claire Leger, in July 2013, Canada’s national choral competition proclaimed Xara the top women’s choir in the country.

Sarain Carson Fox is one of Canada’s most innovative Indigenous artists. A proud Anishinaabe woman, since 2012 she has made it her personal mandate to pursue reconciliation through her dancing. Her recent work includes “The Missing” at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto and choreography for the 2016 national INDspire Awards.

Sarain Fox & Xara Choral Theatre - Fatty Legs Excerpts (2015)

Christina Murray, Co-Artistic Director
(902) 818-8582