What is Ontario CONTACT?

An exciting, engaging celebration, Ontario Contact is an opportunity for those working in the touring performing arts sector to come together to network, and to share information in a three-day conference featuring contemporary and classical music, dance, theatre, spoken word, and youth orientated programming.

Produced by Ontario Presents (formerly CCI), Ontario Contact engages over 500 artists, presenters, workshop leaders, and various government and arts service agencies in showcase performances, workshops, and an arts industry marketplace.  It is our goal that Ontario Contact will continue to address the ongoing needs of Ontario’s cultural presenters, and assist local, national, and international artists and their agents to tour and perform for Ontario communities.

What we achieve with Ontario Contact

Ontario has a large and diverse population spanning many kilometers and communities. Ontario Contact is an annual opportunity for those working in the performing arts field to come together. It gives presenters, artists, artist agents and managers time to network, to discover new work, to be introduced to best practices and to do business. Finally, we facilitate networking to help strengthen the Ontario arts community.

Ontario Contact works closely with other Canadian Showcase events to support and nurture the touring sector across Canada. These include:

Through working together we can continue to showcase the arts and foster creative communities in the process.