Award 2014

Each year we choose a local artist to create the award. For 2014 Awards we are working with CLAUSTRO, a sculptor and artist team. Samples of the kind of work that is being commissioned for the award are included. We met this couple on our recent site visit and think it is best for them to speak for themselves:

“Since we do our best work collaboratively, we thought that the term CLAUSTRO (which is simply an anagram containing the letters in our names CAROL and STU) would be à propos and a sexy moniker (and yes, he did propose and yes, she did say yes). So for all who’ve asked, now ya’ know! A bit strange? Perhaps. But hey, you gotta’ admit – it’s better than ORCA LUST!

And so CLAUSTRO was born to simply represent the collaboration and love shared by: sculptor and artist ; husband and wife; Stuart Leggett and Carol Currie.

Our artistic collaborations generally start out as a sketch taken from some inspirationally breathtaking and generally backbreaking backcountry yomp. We have travelled internationally and found artistic inspiration far and abroad, but honestly we’re really quite partial to our home waters of Georgian Bay.”