Keynote Speaker 2011

Katherine Carleton - Being the Change You Wish to See in the World

When you’ve got a show to put on or a business to run – or both - it’s hard to find the time required to advocate for the things you believe in. And isn’t it someone else’s job, anyway? Well, more or more, we are learning that it isn’t someone else’s job: if the change we want is going to come about, it’ll happen because we took the time to engage meaningfully in the political process, and to bring others along with us. During this highly interactive session, you’ll get:

  • A lightning-fast set of perspectives and predictions on federal and Ontario arts and culture policy;
  • An analysis of opportunities for the arts and culture sector;
  • A suggested framework for analysis and action;
  • Tips on where to look for the facts and arguments that bolster your case;
  • The opportunity to develop your own framework – with the support and encouragement of your colleagues in the room.

Katherine Carleton is currently the Executive Director of Orchestras Canada/Orchestres Canada, and volunteer co-chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition, a non-partisan arts lobby movement spearheaded by a group of national arts service and membership organizations. A committed collaborator, she consistently looks for opportunities to work with others on issues of shared concern. Katherine holds a Master’s degree in Management from McGill University and a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance from the University of Toronto. During her 27 year career, she has worked as a clarinetist, teacher, academic administrator, granting officer, orchestra manager, consultant and association executive – and in her next life, she would like to be a political commentator.