OC2020 Artist Directory

Submitted by natalie on November 12, 2020

We are excited to share that our Ontario Contact 2020 Artist Directory is now available for you to explore!

When the world came to a sudden halt, Ontario Presents had to make the decision to cancel Ontario Contact 2020 in London. Our next decision was how to honour the work of the many artists who had applied to showcase. We decided to produce an online Artist Directory to feature all of the artists who had applied. 

Screenshot of artist directory
We hope you enjoy exploring the over 180 artists represented in the directory. The site will be available until at least fall of 2021 so that industry professionals may continue to use this resource as live performances gradually resume.

As you use the Directory, keep in mind that the descriptions provided were written prior to the pandemic. Many of these artists have since adapted their work or developed new work that can be presented within your current COVID protocols. So if you see someone of interest, please take the time to talk to them about their COVID adjustments.

The directory is also searchable by genre and location, as well as by keyword, so it’s easy to narrow your focus to local artists while travel restrictions remain in place. For more on how to use the site, see the About page.