Ontario Contact Survey 2013 Overview

January 9, 2014

In order to understand the value that Ontario Contact provides to our conference participants in their planning, programming, or business, we recently conducted an Ontario Contact survey.

Over the month of December, we asked all our stakeholders including Exhibitors, Presenters, Artists, Agents as well as Arts Service Organization and Funders who have attended the conference in the past three years to reflect and comment on their experiences.

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey and provided us with valuable information as we prepare for next year.

Here are some highlights:

Ontario Contact activities that were identified as the most prized are: networking with other industry professionals, face to face interactions, and opportunity to book upcoming seasons as either presenter, agent or artist.

This is a mission critical event for me. Without it I would feel totally disconnected from presenters, other agents and artists.

- Cameron Smillie, Ballet Jorgen Canada

Nothing can replace live performance, and attending the showcases and pitch sessions is what Contact is all about.  It is what I recommend to our committee members as the reason they should all attend Contact at least once while on the board.  Meeting presenters and agents in person that you may only have interacted with by e-mail or telephone is another reason to attend Contact.

- Scott Peterson, Cornwall Concert Series 

Nearly 70% of survey respondents said that at least 1 - 2 artists received bookings as a result of their participation; 14% said that they booked 3 to 6 artists and almost 10% indicated that 7 or more artists received bookings in the last three years of attending Ontario Contact.

48% of Presenters said that they considered booking an artist who participated in the Pitch Sessions, and 67% said that they visited an exhibitor as a result of their pitch.

More than 80% presenters indicated that 1-4 artists made it on their “I want to book” list as a result of attending artist showcases; 20% indicating that it is 6-10 and more!

95% of survey respondents said that based on their experience they recommend that others attend next year!

Interested in what your colleagues had to say? Read more testimonials below!

As an artist, I really appreciate the focus that Contact puts upon showcasing and giving us time to meet with agents and presenters. This is the main reason I attended and the main reason I will continue to attend.

- Victoria Yeh, Vector One Music 

There is just no substitute for meeting face-to-face with the presenters. As an artist, there is always something to learn from seeing 30 showcases. Really!

Ontario Contact attendee

What stands out most for me is how seamless the organization of the conference is. The logistics alone are massive. The fact that professionals and volunteers work together as partners is truly satisfying. It is a wonderful experience.

- Stan Passfield, Orillia Concert Association

I love the pacing of the events between the showcases and ontario Contact room to meet the agents. A lot gets packed into the conference! It is very worthwhile and I always come back home feeling energized and more knowledgeable about performing groups available to come to our community.

- Mary Helen Morreale, Sarnia Concert Association 

I always feel really well taken care of at Contact. The organizers really make an effort to make everyone comfortable and welcome.

– Ontario Contact Attendee

Showcase Performances – Outstanding!

- Ric Austin, Gananoque Concert Association 

Over-all Ontario Contact was absolutely fabulous.

- Lynne Bailey, Prairie Debut 

I loved ON Contact – it was well organized – the committees, volunteers and everyone that participated were super helpful and efficient. The showcases in one theatre – especially within walking distance of the hotel – was fantastic. My sincerest gratitude to all that made this a wonderful, productive experience.

- Irene Carroll, Irene Carroll Et Associates