Opening Reception and Niagara Showcase

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
7:30pm to 9:30pm
FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, Algoma Lobby

Join us as we celebrate the start of the conference and enjoy performances by local artists.

The reception will begin at 7:30pm with a traditional Indigenous welcome from Mohawk artist Phil Davis. Throughout the evening we will enjoy performances by Miniscule and Grace Notes.

About the artists:


Miniscule group photo

Niagara-based artist Laurel Minnes has been making a name for herself through involvement in such projects as Majora, Whitney Pea, DRFTR, Vile Creature, The Joe Lapinski Band, Hulley and more.


Minuscule is her way of now striking it out on her own – though a choir and band of 13 others is hardly alone. All parts are composed, arranged and conducted by Minnes, and focus on the inner conversations and battles we have with ourselves. It is a musical journal that offers brutal honesty with no barriers, set to wide spanning genres – from hip-hop to classic choral arrangements.

View Miniscule’s videos Great here, and Over You here 

Grace Notes 

Grace Notes Group PhotoGrace Notes String Quartet began ten years ago as a group of friends inspired to perform together, and has grown into a professional ensemble known for combining a love of traditional music and modern pop to create a unique string quartet sound. The members of Grace Notes are all active in the St. Catharines arts community as performers, teachers, administrators, and students, working to promote and present music throughout the Niagara Region in addition to performing as Grace Notes at weddings, private events, and concerts.

For more information about Grace Notes String Quartet visit