Showcase 2

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 20:00 to 22:00


Boreal welcomes winter through song. Our show celebrates the coming of Christmas and the beauty of winter. We create an intimate, comfortable and friendly vibe with storytelling and humour. Our aim is to spread good cheer through our choice of songs, our sweet harmonies and audience participation.

Choosing some of the best traditional Christmas carols and winter solstice songs; writing and arranging our own “snowy” songs as well as songs by fellow Canadian songwriters; going over each song to create rich vocal harmonies; adding instrumental accompaniment - this is the artistic focus of Boreal - all meant to bring forward our love of lyrics, melodies, harmonies and stories about winter.

Boreal Live at Guelph Little Theatre, December 2014

Contact Room Booth: 
Tannis Slimmon, Boreal Performer
(519) 824-8848

David Buchbinders's Odessa/Havanna

David Buchbinder is an award-winning trumpeter, composer and cultural inventor. He leads numerous music groups, composes for concert, theatre, film and television, presents large-scale performance projects. He has been involved in World music and Jazz since 1987 and has earned a reputation as one of its compositional and instrumental leading lights, through the Flying Bulgars, his Jazz Ensemble and his Odessa/Havana project. He was the creator and artistic director of Ashkenaz: A Festival of New Yiddish Culture and the composer/creator/producer of Shurum Burum Jazz Circus. He is very involved in cross-cultural experimentation, collaborating with Roula Said (his wife) on many projects.

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Christina Kozak, DB Works
(416) 909-4038