Showcase 3 - Friday, October 25 - 2 pm

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 14:00

Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts 


Denis Chang Gypsy Jazz Quartet

Greatly influenced by the music of Django Reinhardt, Taiwanese-Canadian guitarist Denis Chang’s formative years were spent alongside the greatest Gypsy Jazz musicians such as Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Paulus Schäfer, and Emmanuel Kassimo to name just these few. He is the only guitarist in Canada to appear on Hot Club Records. Over the years, this virtuoso guitarist quickly developed his own style inspired by various styles of music while remaining faithful to the Gypsy Jazz style; adding his own compositions to the standard Gypsy Jazz repertoire.

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Elisabeth Comtois, Agence Station bleue
(514) 273-3093

wind in the leaves collective

This performance combines the work of KasheDance and the ‘wind in the leaves collective’, intricately unearthing personal and historical journeys of the African Diaspora and offering emotional, visceral and spiritual complexities.


Engages in seamless choreographic creation of movement with poetic syncretism to develop and perform collaborative work involving diverse artistic disciplines; the outcome is always unique view into a dialogue amongst artists on contemporary issues. With artists from diverse disciplines and reflective of Canadian society, the collective presents interdisciplinary performances using music, poetry, dance and various forms of visual art, e.g., photography, collage, moving images providing several paths of intersection with the presentation of its artistic content. The collective connects with many communities in a multicultural, multiracial society and a global community.


In a state of constant maturation, KasheDance present works based on revealing humanity through kinetic movement, spirituality and rhythmic vitality. With the use of an emerging dance technique called “kashedantek”, technically versatile in its execution and delivery, movements of traditional and modern dance is fused with ballet to reflect a contemporary synthesis. The Company’s style is explosive, subtle, confronting, virtuosic yet passionate and combines the historic traditions of Africa and the Caribbean in its representation of Diasporic society. Indeed we all breathe, feel and dance this philosophic approach is present in the works of the Company and is coupled with endless possibilities of the dancer’s body in motion. This is the essence behind KasheDance, which aims to give voice to the complexity of the human spirit through contemporary dance. The company has performed at the Jamaica Dance Umbrella 2011, dance Immersion Showcase 2010, Canada Dance Festival 2011, Dancing on the Edge Festival (Vancouver), International Association of Blacks in Dance 2012, Global Dance Project Vancouver 2012 and Moving Inspiration Dance Festival (Winnipeg).

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charles c. smith, wind in the leaves collective
(416) 686-3039

Borealis String Quartet

One of the most dynamic and exciting world-class ensembles of its generation, the Borealis String Quartet has received international critical acclaim as an ensemble praised for its fiery performances, passionate style, and refined, musical interpretation.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in the fall of 2000 and rapidly establishing a stellar reputation, the Borealis has toured extensively in North America, Europe and Asia and performed to enthusiastic sold-out audiences in major cities including New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, Mainz, Shanghai, Taipei, Beijing, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and, of course, in their home town of Vancouver.

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Kirill Bolshakov, Kirill Bolshakov Artists Management
(778) 654-2785

Rant Maggie Rant

Drawing on the traditional music from the seven Celtic nations, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, The Isle of Mann, Galicia(Spain) and Brittany(France), as well as from Quebec and Canada’s East Coast, RANT MAGGIE RANT fuses World rhythms and more contemporary styles to present an exciting mix of old and new. The ensemble moves effortlessly from Irish jigs to Galician munieras, from Scottish marches to Breton an dros, driving them with Latin and Mediterranean rhythms, African hand drumming and percussion, blues/rock guitar backdrops, revved up tempos, unexpected time changes, and a unique rhythmic attack. They are truly exciting to watch.


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Judy Tye, Judy Tye Arts Management
(519) 272-5150

Don Amero

Since leaving his job as a hardwood flooring installer six years ago to pursue music, Winnipeg’s Don Amero has toured coast to coast, presented at festivals, performed with the symphony, played national television, and showcased at the National Museum of the American Indian in New York.

Don’s style has been likened to John Mayer-meets Keith Urban. His four albums generated eight national/international awards and 21 more nominations, including the 2013 JUNOs. He captivates audiences of all ages with powerful vocals, percussion style guitar play, and engaging storytelling. He delivers workshops for youth, bringing a message of encouragement and positivity. He impresses and inspires wherever he goes.

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RoseAnna Schick, RAS Creative
(204) 783-7600

Adam Crossley

I have been a full time singer songwriter since 2005. I moved to Toronto in mid 05’ when hired to write for TV and film as well as write and produce my first full-length album. I’ve had music featured on several Canadian shows as well as more popular productions such as (Law and Order Criminal Intent, Dancing with the Stars, Oprah, and The Simpsons). My song Beautiful World reached the top five AC Billboard Charts in both Canada and The States. I am currently working on my second album

Adam Crossley - "Fire Escape"

Bob Bale