Showcase 5

Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 10:00 to 12:00

Cosima Grunsky

Cozy Music is a fun-filled, interactive music performance for young children which entertains as well as educates. Cosima Grunsky accompanies herself with the guitar, hand drum, dulcimer and a variety of other instruments from around the world. Her program is a mixture of traditional and original songs with engaging melodies which help children to explore many different moods, and to celebrate life and the joy of making music.

Cosima - Round and Round

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Stephanie Filippi, Prologue to the Performing Arts
(416) 591-9092 x225

Kristi Heath and Greg Tarlin

It’s simple - make people happy. The easiest way to do that is to provide the best entertainment possible for presenters. Throughout our careers, we have performed around the globe creating award-winning shows and routines for audiences of all ages and nationalities. We have combined our love of circus arts and theatre into performances that will keep everyone in the audience engaged and delighted. Our goal is to have the audience walk away feeling satisfied that they have seen a show full of skill, comedy and yes, even a message.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice short reel

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Kristi Heath, Heath Tarlin Entertainment Inc.
(416) 516-1616

Kyra Millan / Opera Spoofa

Opera Comedienne Kyra Millan is happiest creating quirky shows that allow her to blend education and performance. Developed with the Canadian Opera Company, Kyra and Tina have performed their interactive Opera comedies for the past three years at the Richard Bradshaw Theatre. Other recent performances have included headlining Harbourfront’s Voice and Strings Festival in 2014, and a surprise appearance for the TSOs Pianos in the city earlier this year. In winter 2013, Kyra created “Christmas with Hi and Lo” - with jazz icon John Alcorn. Now, continuing to pair up with Tina Faye, they will be launching a project of videos this spring, and a new full length comedy show in Fall of 2015, showcasing their personal brand of musical comedy.

Opera Spoofa v1

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Robert Missen, Bobolink
(905) 632-6047

Rebecca Perry

This solo comedy/musical is written and performed by Toronto’s Rebecca Perry. The focus of this show is to help graduates (and parents of graduates!) through the scary post-graduation phase where life can get rough. It is meant to be an inspirational message showing that anything is possible in the ever-changing Canadian job market.

So far the show has had great critical acclaim and is looking to continue performing across Canada:

-Sold out every run in 2014

-Taped live for television by Bell TV’s On Stage On Demand

-Profiled on Global TV

-Songs from the show aired on CBC Radio

-Performed in 12 cities, 3 upcoming this summer

Awarded Best Musical 2014 (BroadwayWorld), Audience Choice (NY Stage) and Outstanding Performance (NOW Magazine)

Confessions of a Red Headed Coffee shop Girl

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Rebecca Perry, Rebecca Perry Productions
(905) 867-5878

Vitaly Beckman

When we were children the world is full of wonder and everything seemed to be magical. But as we grow older, we start to take things for granted and life becomes almost like a routine. Magic brings us back that feeling of being a child again. It reminds us of how it is to be in the present, how it is to be alive.

My goal is to inspire people to notice wonder and beauty in daily life. To have the capacity to be awed by the simple and ordinary is especially important in today’s tech-savvy society. My work is also symbolic and represents my belief that with enough effort and imagination, our dreams can come true.

VITALY: An Evening of Wonders - Highlights Video 2014

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Vitaly Beckman, VITALY: An Evening of Wonders
(778) 228-5291