Alejandra Ribera

Her sound, unmistakable as it is undefinable, has garnered the attention of her contemporaries. She was invited to sing “I Am Cuba” on the Skydiggers album She Comes Into the Room and performed alongside blues queen Jackie Richardson, Steven Page, Teddy Thompson, the Art of Time Ensemble and Quartetto Gelato at Koerner and Massey Hall respectively.

Her debut album La boca is a richly textured, multilingual album that reflects the artist’s roots as much as the journey she took to bring it to fruition. The artist now divides her time between Montreal, Paris and Malaga where she continues to create. Most of all she continues to follow her instincts and respond to her heart which has faithfully led her this far.

Alejandra Ribera - Relojes - Belle et Bum 01-02-14 - 1080 HD

Josh Pothier, Pandyamonium
(416) 466-0264