Duo Rendezvous

Our newly created Duo Rendezvous was formed partially in response to great demand from presenters who have heard us as soloists and wanted to hear a new musical fusion. As soon as we started playing together, the Duo felt like the most natural outlet for our musical personalities. Our aim is to continue discovering the great potential of the violin and guitar as a versatile ensemble, in the company of Canada’s warmest audiences. We’d like to create an atmosphere of virtuosic intimacy. We are both passionate performers and enthusiastic travellers; we love to get to know the places and people where we perform. It would be very exciting for us to tour Ontario. We hope to one day look at Debut Atlantic as a defining moment in our development.

Jota By Manuel De Falla from Suite Populaire Espagnole

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Richard Paul, Director, Richard Paul Concert Artists
(416) 595-9555