L'Aubergine - Ripopee

The show is written as if the characters were constantly improvising and inventing the present moment. For these four friends, time is a great travel companion and life is sometimes a chaotic journey, but it is first and foremost a lighthearted voyage as they manage to keep intact their most precious character traits: a sense of awe, unbridled whimsicalness, curiosity, and a desire to openly share their whole experience with the audience. To highlight the characters’ human qualities, this new play is set in a totally timeless atmosphere. With Ripopée, we explodes the fourth wall to open the relationship between the clowns and their audience. Clowning, balancing work, larval masks, and music are the main art forms the play relies upon.

Ripopée - Extrait officiel from L’Aubergine on Vimeo.

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Raphaël Fréchette - L’Aubergine
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