Jazz-World Orchestra MANTECA has sold over 100,000 records worldwide and shared stages with Miles Davis, Ella, Van Morrison and many others. From the Hollywood Bowl to the North Sea Jazz Festival, MANTECA is one of Canada’s best-known and original instrumental bands that has created a unique and enduring highly original sound with building blocks from jazz, world, funk, folk and contemporary orchestral music. The group’s critically acclaimed 11th recording “Monday Night at the Mensa Disco” was released September, 2013. In their 35 years of playing and recording they’ve been called an institution, referred to as a legendary and Canadian jazz royalty. The reality is, MANTECA is new world jazz for the new world, a 9 member ensemble that thrills audiences with an impactful show full of exceptional musicianship, remarkable production values and a warmth of spirit and story telling that brings audiences to their feet…every time.

Manteca - Levitate at L'Astral -

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