Mike Wiley -- BREACH OF PEACE: A Commemoration of the Freedom Riders of 1961

“Breach of Peace recounts a precarious time in our history when the ‘arc of the moral universe,’ as MLK termed, had to be prodded to ‘bend toward justice,’ when political leaders stoked followers to ‘beat up the reporters.’ As a child I learned I could ‘speak truth to power’ from the stage. A 6th gr. teacher asked me to portray Abe Lincoln in our Presidents’ Day play. Thank God for his intuition, for there I stood before hundreds of kids, in my paper mache beard and hat, speaking Honest Abe’s words in a voice I didn’t know I had. In that instant, I became an actor and some might say an activist. I now travel the world and perform in the poorest communities with hope I can inspire just one Honest Abe to stand up and and help bend the arc.”

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