Shine On: The Universe of John Lennon

Shine On: the Universe of John Lennon is a spectacular group made of some of Canada’s most renowned musicians, performing music by John Lennon and the Beatles uniquely arranged by Michael Occhipinti. Featuring the wonderful and distinct voices of Yvette Tollar, Dominic Mancuso, and Elizabeth Shepherd, paired with the singular talents of Mark Kelso (drums), Kevin Turcotte (trumpet), Roberto Occhipinti (bass), and Michael Occhipinti (guitar), this unique group first came together in December of 2010 for a special concert to mark the 30th Anniversary of John Lennon’s passing. Thrilled at the chance to work together, the musicians recorded an album together and have since toured jazz festivals across Canada with the show.

I'm Only Sleeping - Shine On: The Universe of John

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