Shipyard Kitchen Party - 100 Years from Now

About Shipyard Kitchen Party:

With roots in Scotland, Newfoundland, and Georgian Bay, Shipyard Kitchen Party blends traditional instrumentation with humour, art and history to tell Canadian stories in original ways.

We’re Gordon Lightfoot meets “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” We’re Great Big Sea having a dram too many with Stan Rogers. We’ll make you stomp your feet and we might also make you cry.

And, no matter what, we WILL have a great time together.

Shipyard Kitchen Party features John Eaton (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals), Sacha Law (Bass Vocals, John Miller (Fiddle, Accordion, Pennywhistle) and Jason Murphy (Bodhran, Vocals). 

About the 100 Years from Now:

A Musical of Love, Sacrifice and the Great War

Two brothers and the women who love them recount their triumphs and tragedies in the years surrounding WWI. 

In letters to family and each other, the MacIntyre brothers and nursing student Mae Belle Sampson tell the stories of their lives and dreams before Flanders. When war comes, their correspondence becomes a record of the conflict that would change their fates and forge modern Canada. 

Blending original music, archival imagery and dramatic storytelling, 100 Years from Now is a poignant journey from Georgian Bay to Vimy Ridge and beyond.

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