Théâtre Bouches Décousues - Papa Hen

From the rooster’s crow until he snuggles his chicks to bed, Papa Hen is always on the go!

Between his daily pick-ups and drop-offs at chick daycare and his job, between running errands and attending business meetings, Papa Hen does the best he can! Fortunately, Grandfather Hen is there to mark the passing of the hours and keep watch over the household. This great work by Jasmine Dubé, specifically geared to young children and carefully crafted, illustrates our daily routine with finesse and humor by capturing a day in the life of a father hen. 

Created by Théâtre Bouches Décousues

Active promoters of the concept that theatre for young audiences is autonomous, fully fledged theatre in its own right, that children are not only the audience of tomorrow but an audience of the here and now, Théâtre Bouches Décousues conducts theatrical research and creates new plays that pose a tender, critical gaze on the world of children and that of their adults. As an unending source of inspiration, relationships between children and adults have been the cornerstone of the company’s works since 1986. 

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