wind in the leaves collective

This performance combines the work of KasheDance and the ‘wind in the leaves collective’, intricately unearthing personal and historical journeys of the African Diaspora and offering emotional, visceral and spiritual complexities.


Engages in seamless choreographic creation of movement with poetic syncretism to develop and perform collaborative work involving diverse artistic disciplines; the outcome is always unique view into a dialogue amongst artists on contemporary issues. With artists from diverse disciplines and reflective of Canadian society, the collective presents interdisciplinary performances using music, poetry, dance and various forms of visual art, e.g., photography, collage, moving images providing several paths of intersection with the presentation of its artistic content. The collective connects with many communities in a multicultural, multiracial society and a global community.


In a state of constant maturation, KasheDance present works based on revealing humanity through kinetic movement, spirituality and rhythmic vitality. With the use of an emerging dance technique called “kashedantek”, technically versatile in its execution and delivery, movements of traditional and modern dance is fused with ballet to reflect a contemporary synthesis. The Company’s style is explosive, subtle, confronting, virtuosic yet passionate and combines the historic traditions of Africa and the Caribbean in its representation of Diasporic society. Indeed we all breathe, feel and dance this philosophic approach is present in the works of the Company and is coupled with endless possibilities of the dancer’s body in motion. This is the essence behind KasheDance, which aims to give voice to the complexity of the human spirit through contemporary dance. The company has performed at the Jamaica Dance Umbrella 2011, dance Immersion Showcase 2010, Canada Dance Festival 2011, Dancing on the Edge Festival (Vancouver), International Association of Blacks in Dance 2012, Global Dance Project Vancouver 2012 and Moving Inspiration Dance Festival (Winnipeg).

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charles c. smith, wind in the leaves collective
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